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Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 9

Hello again~

 Welcome to day 9 ♥

Todays topic is:
Day 9 : 10 things you will never do in lolita.

Well, I like to do a  lot of things in lolita. But it's impractical for a couple of things.

1. Making housework like cleaning and tidy up.

2. Baking or cooking things. Or better, I wouldn't do that without an protecting apron.

3. Cleaning the garden.

4. Taking a walk with the dog...

5. Sleeping in it. It's a really super cute and poofy fashion. And the clothes are soft an well made... but.. really uncomfortable.

6. Extreme sports or anything like that. You're wearing a bunch of fabric, summer heat is bad enough for you.

7. Going to a party and being drunk. (I'm not drinking any alcohol, but well, I would never party in my dresses, they are too precious to me)

Well... I don't find anything else atm. I hope I haven't forgot anything important. See you soon♥

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