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Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 8


Today's topic is about music. And I really, really LOVE music. But I'm really picky with it. And the most of the music I'm listening to, isn't really lolita-ish. Of course there is some super cute japanese pop music arround if the day is a good one and if I feel princessy. Because my taste of music is more... a sould thingie. I feel in bound with good lyrics and soft and well made melodies.
I need to feel the musicians heart through the music. It's .. something personal. And I'm a really deep person with a lot things to do in my brain and mind.

So........ I will show you some music, I'm only listening to, if I'm feeling the right princessy, super happy mood. And some music who's inspiring to me throgh their deepness. Please be patient. My heart is very sensitive.

Day 8 : 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.

1. Lolitina by Misako Aoki


Usually a little bit to unnatural. I don't like electronical changed voices. I even hate them. And I'm really not sure if our cute Misako chan can really sing. But the song is kawaii from top to bottom and matches with lolita.. prefectly. It's inspirational, because the video is really cute and I'm thinking on baby's designs if I'm listening to it.

2. Candy Candy by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

 I think this is one of the cutest songs she ever produced. The melody and everything is a way softer as usual to my eyes and ears. And I really like her rasperry pink hairstyle. Of course I like her super pretty voice and fun making sound.

3. Tea Party by Kerli


This is a production by Disney and I really, really like the film settings and costumes a lot, they are made for Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland. And well, it's really dreamy and also a kind of fantasy sadness, he's always using. I don't know if I should like Kerli or not. Anyway, I really like this song and feel like a pretty queen if I'm listening to it. 

4. Super Kawaii by SuG


I really like this crazy kawaii guys. I really like a couple of songs from them and a lot love to Takeru. He's such an creative boy. I love his kind of being and seeing and truning everything into his own style. I know, this is more an short intro, but I like it anyway. I even listen to it on repeat to grow up my positive mood.

5. A Team by Ed Sheeran


Yes I assorted this acustic version, that's correct. It's often near by my heart if the songs are more like unplugged. It's like a clearer heartbeat to me. The songs from Ed are always deep or with a sense, but I really wish that he would only made his songs like that. Unplugged and simple. Because everything else isn't a big help to his really awesome lyrics and voice. His really brilliant, soft and clear, hearty voice.

6. Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine

Again an acustic piece. I really, really love florence's unique, lady voice and the different sound and instrument's they are using like the harf. I think MTV does an awesome job, because I learned to love their music through the unplugged album. This is such an amazing song. Even maybe my favourite of them. The melody sounds like falling glitter and she's singing the lyrics who bound my heart together.

7. Marmalade Sky by Kanon Wakeshima

To be honest, I love Kanons voice and with how much feelings she's playing her cello. She's such a pretty, elegant girl, and this is what I'm also listening if I hear her songs. This is one I like to listen to, if I'm a happy lolita.

8. Shine by Laura Marling


I think this is a song wich is making myself stronger. Or better: More confident. I need shine for working on my pretty MeltyWish jewelry and if I'm going out in lolita, I feel like I'm shining from my inner, because Lolita is like wearing my open mind to the society. That's it. And  I think I don't have to explain that I have a heart for hand made british music. I like Laura's voice a lot. She's definitely one of my favourite musicians ever. 

9. One Of The Brightest Stars by James Blunt

This is one of my favourite musicians and songs ever. I like Jame's voice and simple kind of making deep music. I know the video isn't in perfect quality, but the song comes out in the best way. This song isn't about any lolita stuff at all. But it's about the good humans and I like how he's using the 'star' desciption, becausse stars are my symbol of hope. And I love wearing starry prints, because of the meaning of hope. It's even more posotive to me.

10. Day Dreamer by Adele

I really looooooooooove Adele's voice and this song is such a cute one. I love the dreamy lyrics who are describing a friend of your own mind. I like it, because it's inspirational for creating new coords with 'older' dresses.

I hope you enjoyed my mixed taste of music. Mostly I'm listening to melancholic music or songer/songwriter stuff atm. And I know, I know, I haven't posted any Plastic Tree videos. But I'm sorry, Plastic Tree is something special for my complete life and that's it. I could full fill this post with Plastic Tree songs, but I wanted to give you a better spectrum. I feel all this songs in my heart.
I'm deeply playfull♥

See you tomorrow~

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