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Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 6

Hi dears♥

Welcome to day 6 of the lolita challenge, and to annother pink, cute blog background~
I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with it, but I like it a lot, because I love those heart shaped rhinestones *__*

Todays topic is:

Day 6 : 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

Let's start~

1. Friends. Because you can't have all that fun with wearing it, and going out etc. without other, pretty, cute and super awesome ladies♥

2. A good makeup. I hate to go out in lolita without an pretty face. And also a good hair/wigstyle. My coords aren't complete without these things.

3. Bloomers. I love bloomers, I even wearing them under my shorter skirts, because I feel a lot safer by wearing them. And the ones I own are really comfy and have a ruffle butt *haha*

4. A petticoat. I need a petticaot underneath. A lolita outfit isn't really 'lolita' to me without the pretty cupcake shape.

5. Bows or ribbons. If I'm not wearing any..there is something I'm really missing. It doesn't matter if the bow is a ring, headbow, the chest/waist bow etc. I NEED BOWS.♥

6. Tea Parties. These cute little shoes are the best ever. Super cute and really comfy. Available in any beautiful color etc. You can even easily drive a car with them. Perfect. I'm wearing rocking horses, mary janes and boots too. But tea parties are the very best.

7.  Wrist Cuffs. Because I LOVE THEM. As I started with lolita, there where sold out everywhere, but I started wearing lolita anyway, but as I got my first pair of them, I couldn't resist their cuteness anymore. The lace, the soft fabric... everything. They are my favourite lolita accessory with rings and necklaces. Since I've started to collect them, I won't stop wearing some with every outfit.

8. I can't live without brand in lolita. Because the brand companies are just making the best stuff. The best quality, the most beautiful details... the best of everything. I still like to mix off brand or bodyline etc. into my coords, because other things are also pretty and good, but the best is always brand. I think I can't complete any of my outfits without AP... even my wrist cuffs are all from this brand.

9. Photos maybe? Because I love all the things I'm wearing in lolita, so I need to take pictures to show them off. They are just too perfect to not to take any. I'm always sad if I wasn't able to take a full outfit view.

10. Tights. Because I hate my legs. I always need to wear some tights underneath because they are making everything looking fine. And I really like those printed tights, the brands are releasing nowadays. I just think, they are a little bit overpriced. But I made good experiances with print tights and I think I will buy some from Imai Kira x Angelic Pretty next time.

This is what I think.  The things I would miss if I'm wearing lolita are just pieces of the coords and of course friends. All of this wouldn't make any sense without my lovely girls.
A big hug to you♥

See you tomorrow~


  1. Würde nur in Punkt 8 dagegen stimmen :D auch komplett ohne Brandsachen kann man schöne Coords erstellen und sind deswegen nicht zwangsläufig notwendig :D

    1. Ich habe auch nicht davon gesprochen das man ausschließlich brand tragen muss, sondern das es mir persönlich fehlen würde. Ist halt meine Meinung, aber danke.