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Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 5

Hi my dear marshmallows♥
Welcome to day 5 with one of the best topics I think^____^

I'm pretty happy to tell you, that I already own a couple of my absolute dream dresses and Items, so it's fun and I'm not really unhappy about showing ten of the items (mostly dresses) I would love to have any day too.

-Please note that this isn't my top ten ranking, it's just something from my wishlist-

Day 5 : 10 items from your wishlist.

Twinkle Constellation and The Stars Of Confeito JSK - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

I absolutely love all the details and the fabric wich is even made with glitter. You know, sky themed dresses making me really weak. Star patterned clothes and stuff are always in my closet it doesn't matter in what kind of style.
I think this is one of the absolute most beautiful pieces by baby. It's my most wanted btssb dress.
Pink is my prefered colorway, but I also like it in navy and white♥

Paradaiso Du Un Unicorn JSK 2 - Alice And The Pirates

As I have taken a look at the dolly cut of this JSK and of course of the super pretty print what's full with dreamy unicorns, castles and pieces of forrests, I fell in love with it.
I really want to try my luck to find it. The ruffled tulle at the bottom is even sprinkled with glitter dots.
The sax x pink colorway is the most dreamy piece, but I also like the black x purple one too.

Angel's Gentle Whisper Blouse - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

I think this is one of the most stunning blouses I have ever seen. I really, really love the design, the tiny, pearly heart buttons, the lace, the cut, th awesome beautiful sleeves... just everything. I even want it in all the colors: black, navy, pink, ivory & white.

Glass Bottle Of Tears Necklace - Angelic Pretty

Since I saw AP's Glass Bottle Of Tears design, I fell as much in love with the dresses as with the necklaces. I prefer the 'white' or better the clear design. But I like it in any color. The elegant, lady like design with the crown on top and the striped ribbon at the bottom are so perfect.

Sugar Hearts JSK - Angelic Pretty

I'm a really big fan of those tiny, cute messgae hearts, sprinkled all over fluffy chiffon. I love the decoration buttons at the front and the colorful pastel ribbons on the left and right.
Of course is lavender my prefered colorway, but I like it in any color.

 Holy Lantern Special Set - Angelic Pretty

I really really love the Holy Lantern print. Because it's made of chiffon, and a print with stars and crosses, it's one of the dresses I would wear a lot, if I would own it. It's such a super beautiful casual lolita dress for alldays.
Of course I love the usual JSK design too, and I love it in lavender, but I prefer the simple cut of the special set in black, because it's even more elegant and well... I love baby doll cuts. And the barette is prettier ^____^

Melty Moon Shoulder Bag - Angelic Pretty

Yeah... here we are again with the sky themed things. I can't stop loving them, I'm... not sorry^___^'
To be honest, I love this bag in any color, but it's looking the most beautiful in sax blue. A really bright blue with the tiny white stars is just perfect.
But... I love it in black and lavender too.

Jewelry Jelly JSK - Angelic Pretty

The Jewelry Jelly is also one of the prints, I like in any color. There is even no colorway I prefer. And atm I would like to own annother pretty mint dress, because I own only one (my Sugar Pansy JSK). This is one of my favourite sweets prints AP ever released, I think. I love the pudding and the fact that it is a glitter print. A couple of days ago I even found out, that AP also released a Jewelry Jelly hat! I want this series so bad now ;__;

Cotton Candy JSK - Metamorphose Temps De Fillé

This is one of my favourite prints from Meta. I really like different kinds of sweets for sweet lolita prints, because you can use it as a coord topic. Something like pudding, icecream and cotton candy are just perfect.
I really want this JSK in the 'black' colorway, wich you can see here. It's of course more navy, what it's giving a touch of a night sky to it. The other point I really love is: that the print background is striped. I can't explain why I love striped dresses, they are fascinating to me.

Eternal Rose Bouquet Mini Sleeve JSK - Angelic Pretty

Aaaaaaaaaaand a lavender dress again. Yes, I LOVE the Eternal Rose Bouquet in lavender colorway the most. I think this is a very lady like version and I love roses. I'm grown up in our rose garden and love the smell and the soft and filled flowers who are smiling into your face.
I really want to try to get it this year. Maybe after the LBM, the convention I will have a MeltyWish booth next time.
My favourite parts are the chiffon fabric, the neckstraps and the emblem ribbon at the front wich is deatachable.

Yeah~ I hope you enjoyed the journey through my wishlist. I took some of this and that, because I'm not a fan of only one kind of print themes and colorways. I'm still weak for stars on the prints, but the most important dresses with this theme are already in my closet, except of Angelic Pretty's Misty Sky, wich I want to try to get to.

Wich are your dresses you would die for?

See you tomorrow♥


  1. Wie kein Misty Sky in der Wishlist? Was da denn los? :D
    Finde das Sugar Hearts in weiß und rosa am schönsten :3 Lila ist ja nun gar nicht meine Farbe, aber das weißt du ja xD

    1. Es ist nur ein Auszug aus meiner Wishlist, nicht meine Top Ten. Natürlich ist Misty Sky auch dabei. Das möchte ich wirklich unbedingt. Und sogar das Dream Sky noch mal in lavendel.
      Sugar Hearts steht schon echt lange auf der Liste. Mit lavendel kriegt man mich ja eh immer, aber mir wäre es sogar ganz egal in welcher Farbe ich es bekommen würde. *haha*
      Jaaaaaaaaah~ Dafür hast du dein gelb ^___~