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Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the lolita challenge♥

Today's topic is:

Day 3 : 10 things you hate in lolita.

I think it's hard to find 10 things I hate... to hate something is a hard kind of meaning. Especially if it's a topic you usually really love.

But okay, I start with it. There are always two of a coin, right? But I can't promise that I will find 10 things.

1. I really hate the silly people on the street who are playing to be upset about you, or making bad jokes about you, if you're crossing their way in lolita. As I started wearing it in the society by go shopping or to a meeting with friends, these people annoyed me a lot. But after about an half year, it started to amuse me. I have some silly stories to tell about these really childish and non tolerant people.
...but I still hate to have these experience, because I think our society can do it better.

2. I hate that I have to put myself in layers of fabric in summer. I can't understand how the japaneses can  wear complete coords in hot japanese summers. To understand, I'm born in winter, and my heat tolerance isn't that high and lolita is just too much fabric to survive a summer for me *uhh* X__x

3. The small japanese sizes. As you can see on my photos, I'm not a thin person, and it's sometimes hard if I fell in love with a dress without any shirring or something. And I'm pretty tall for japanese sizes. I'm 1,70m u__u So, the dresses are always a little tiny bit short. But I wear them anyway. I think you can wear everything if you fit in it with a good coord.

4. If your dress got stains you can't remove anymore. This is making me pretty sad and it annoys myself if I have done that. Luckiely I never made stains on my percious babies wich I couln't remove, but I got a dress with stains I couldn't remove completely, they are just a way brighter as before, and it's not noticable when worn, but it annoys me, because I know there are on it.

5. I don't really hate it, but it's not so wonderful that the perfect cupcake shape is getting wrinkly on the back if you've sat down for an hour or drive a car. It takes a long time to iron these dresses making a good coord. And it can be destroyed easily if you aren't wearing a chiffon dress.

6. The missunderstanding with the word 'lolita'. There are so many interpretations about other words, but if the people hearing the word 'lolita', they're grinning and think it's a fettish if you aren't explaning it very well.

7. The missunderstanding about the fact that the most of the people thinking it's a kind of a costume. I know that this isn't a bad thing at all, but they just mostly don't understand or accept it as a fashion style. Okay, it's not a usual style for us in europe, but please guys, make your head wide open.

8. If others think that if you're wearing brand, you're an arrogant girl. NO! Just no! Okay, I spend a lot money for everything and I'm really proud of my coords and of the fact, that I got the one or other rare dress. Maybe, yes, but not all brand wearing girls are such kind of a bitch. We're just girls with a love for this kind of fashion. Please don't think that we think we are better that you. We don't.

9. Some girls think that you have to be thin to wear lolita like it deserves. I think you can wear what is fitting you. Why should I hide my body in boring clothes if I fit in Angelic Pretty? Please not. Okay, you maybe can't wear any dress you want, but you can be as pretty and cute as you want.

10. Girls who want to start with lolita and don't wear a petticoat underneath... or maybe a petticoat without any poof and tell everyone that this is lolita like it should be. Please girls, don't do that, I mena... you know, there is something missing. Even if you just started with lolita, don't forget the important things of this style. Don't start wearing it, of you know, there is something you still need for it, like a petticoat, a blouse, the right shoes, or bloomers.

.... wow, okay, I even found 10 things I hate, or better I don't really like. I never thought that there is so much what I dislike over it.
But well, it's mostly not about the style itself, more the things what can happen by wearing it etc.

As a little bonus, I'm showing you my new Day Dream Carnival Wristcuffs, I got about a week ago♥
They're just perfectly matching with my Candy Sprinkle JSK~

See U tomorrow♥


  1. Das was du mit den Brand-kleidern meintest sehe ich auch so. Nicht jeder der Brands trägt ist gleich Arrogant, aber auf der anderen Seite nervt es mich auch, dass es einige gibt die non-Brand für was schlechteres halten. Überhaupt ist es doch vollkommen egal woher das Kleid kommt, wenn es toll aussieht und der Person gut steht.

    1. Das freut mich^___^
      Naja, ich finde nicht das 'non Brands' jetzt gleich primär schlechter sind, weil es kein Brand ist. Nur ist es halt nicht so gute Qualität wie die jap. brands das normalerweise haben. Ich selber hab ja eh einen gemischen Kleiderschrank, wo sich sowohl Bodyline und EU Firmen als auch AP, Btssb & co. finden. Ich mag beides solange es schön ist, und mir steht. Ich denke da stimmst du doch immer noch mit mir überein, oder? ^___~