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Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 14

Hello everyone♥
Welcome to day 14~
Today I'm gonna show you my dream item(s). Of course I have a lot of dream pieces I still want to get, but I think I already got some of the absolute very best dresses and stuff.

Day 14 : A picture of your dream item.

I'm sorry, but I can't say, that there is only one thing the best. There are many things I love the same way. It's hard, because the pieces are always really hard to find and super expensive.
But, I think one really big thing is now already mine. It was the 'unicorn', the impossible thing, you think you will never own in exactly this way.

MILKY☆PLANET Special Set 2010 in lavender

I thought that I would get any of the usual Milky Planet versions, but really not exactly this special set, I wanted so bad.
It's such a dreamy print with the glitter, ice cream, stars, the melty moon etc. Just so perfect.
As I heared the rumors about the rerelease last year, I'm going crazy, but get sadly disappointed about how they re-designed it. The striped fabric destroyed it. And I missed the scallop cut so bad.
But between autumn and summer, I got the chance to buy this set for a reasonable price. It cost me about 320€ wich is a really good price for a rare piece like this.
And as long as I will wear lolita, I won't give it away.

DREAM SKY OP 2013 in navy

I tried so hard to get this piece this summer. The AP overseas shop server were down for even a couple of days as the rerelease annouced. Three times I tried to get it and contacted an SS at the end, and got it new with tags and stuff from mbok in july. I'm still super happy with it and want more things in deep blue navy colors. It's an inspiration colorway.
I still want to get it in lavender too any day, but now I can relax and wait for a good offer. Maybe I can get the special LaForet set from new year? I like it a lot. The cut of the Misty Sky mixed with the wonderful print of the Dream Sky. That sounds lovely♥


Sorry that I got only a picture of the sax colorway, but it's the only stock photo I can get ;__;

What is your 'unicorn' item? I'm really interested to hear^___~

Tomorrrow is a post I really like to made. I will show you my last lolita purchase. But I think I will show you all the stuff I got this winter. I promise, the entry will be very pink. All about is pink this winter XD

See you♥


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