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Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

~*♡Lockshop Wigs & Tights REVIEW♡*~

Hi everyone~
Today I want to write a small infomative review about some of Lockshops products.... because I LOVE THEM ALL!
It's really time for me doing this review, because I've ordered this late summer and just wanted to wait, because of some pretty worn photos of the wigs and tights I've ordered.
And now, Lockshop made a Christmas Special where they are giving away a 5€ coupon voucher to anyone who made a blog, tumblr or youtube review! *__*
So, I thought: Let's take the chance *hihi*
Before you can ask: This review will be 100% positive because I really love thier products and even want to order more and more♥

Let's start~

This is how my order came in: 

Everything was well packed between this beautiful aquablue/turquoise silk paper. And the shipping was even very fast! It takes only one day after they have shipped it out.

Five from five stars in total for the packing and shipping.


Mermaid Aurora B Choice

I fell in love with this wig at the first sight. I like to wear blonde wigs, and my favourite pastel color is lavender. And this beautiful baby looked so cute and elegant♥

This is how it was packed. As you can see: The lavender fade is made under the blonde hair part, not only in the end.

As soon as I have packed it out, I have taken a look at the top and the bottom.

And brushed through it with my fingers. It was every easy to do that.

To be honest, I expected a long wig, but the wigs are even a bit longer as I thought. Perfect! *haha*♥

I made some swatches because I thought the wig would be only lavender & blonde, but no. It's also some little pastel pinkish between the lavender and blonde, I think maybe to make a smoother fade? I really like it!♥

But it's not good to see at the photos.. I don't kow why, it's magic. *haha*
Anyway, it's matching so well, that it doesn't matter if you're wearing it.

I think all my sweet readers know this photo (made by Ruha)
Yes, this is the precious wig. A couple of my customers thought it would be even real hair and asked for touching the wig after I told them that it isn't.
I worn this wig now so many times! I think it's my favourite wig I own.
I really need a similar one... I think the Mermaid Prism is my next one *hihi♥
And well, a friend of mine also bought a lockshop wig, and the only difference between mine and hers is,
 that her wig doesn't loose any hair fibres, and mine just only a few of them after combing and wearing it the first time.
It's such a wonderful quality that I don't notice that I've bought a 'B choice' wig.

Five from five stars in total for the quality, colours, comfort etc.

Mermaid Split B choice

I really like to wear a kind of  'rhapsody' style with my own hair, and I really like curls at all, but these waves are a way more easier to wear for me, and I wanted a splited wig for so long! And of course I need some wigs for alldays wearing in more natural colorways as pastel shades etc.
This is why I choose this wig.

It's as packed in as the other wig.

I brushed through it and saw that the wig is not completely splitted into the two colors at the top. There are a few hair parts over both sides to blend it over a little, I think it would look a way to hard without that.

The brighter color is a bit  more caramelish as shown here, but it's matching great anyway.

As you can see, it blends over a little from the brown to the milk tea color. I like to wear it, it's very comfy and good for any outfit.
I've worn it a lot times for daily working, and I'm pretty satisfied with the quality.

This is my worn photo, as you can see: the wig is very long. I have put one of Lockshops's Studs & Roses Headbands over it, because I like this kind of accessories. And it's pretty sad that the white x black one is STILL sold out... I really want one ;;;____;;;

P.S.: I'm sorry for this crappy working outfit... without any makeup etc.


Royal Ribbon Tights

I saw these tights and fell in love because I tought it would perfectly match with my Day Dream Carnival.... but it doesn't. Because the pink drapes are more neon pink as this berrish one. But they wrote in the item description that they are hand made and that's possible that the color depends.
Anyway, I reallly like the design and all on it!

The packing is also so beautiful! btw. these aren't made by Lockshop, they are made by Rosenrot. I preordered them for 15€, but now the price is 22€.
I'm still interested into the Alice in Wonderland tights because this one isn't only a white and blue border tights, it's also designed with beautiful fine white lace prints and a spoon and fork.

You're getting a card with industructions for the tights, because they could bleed out a little if you won't handle them with care. And you should only wash them by hand in cold water etc.
But I think all will went fine, because the quality is AMAZING! Of course the print isn't as clear as in the packing if I'm wearing, but this is because of my big legs... but if you're wearing a white tights under it, it's fine.
The tights is very comfy and pretty. I've worn it a complete convention day, this month and was surprised how easy it is to wear them. WONDERFUL!

Yeah this is sadly the one and only worn photo I own. I'm really sorry, but it's really pretty and if you look exactly on my leg parts, you can see the brass gold shine points from the print and even some pink parts of the drape just near the bottom lace of my dress.
I'm so happy that the tights are matching to my beloved Milky Planet JSK♥

Five from five stars in total for the quality, comfort and design.

All in all, I really like all my Lockshop products. And I want to order again. I'm really happy to have such a good online shop here in europe.

See you soon♥


  1. I love everything *___* and all the items suit you so well!

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww♥ Thank you darling ^////^
      Your lockshop stuff is also really great and suit you perfectly.
      btw. I'm prepariung a little christmas package for you. I hope I choose some things you like. ^__^ I will send it out after christmas, because it's super stressy and full in the post offices here X___x
      I hope that's okay. ^__^'

    2. you're too sweet my dear ♥♥♥ I hope to find me too something cute for you *_*

    3. thank you, too♥ Awwwwwww~ Yes please, as cute as possible *haha* ♥ But I would be happy about any gift what's selected by heart, no matter what it is.^__~

  2. looks veeery good! *___* I want them too! They look so cute on you! >w<

    1. Thank you♥ Do it, Lockshops quality is amazing, there are reasons why the all popular bloggers (and crappy me) buying these wigs, it's a good experience to shop with them. ^___~