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Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

.∗̥✩ʚChristmas Lolita Meet Upɞ✩∗̥.

Hello everyone~

Do you have a good christmas time this year?
Yesterday was the christmas lolita meet~  But I gone to Hanover a couple of hours erlier, because I wanted to meet my friend Moon Drops before and having a late breakfast together, where I gave the MeltyWish order to her (and a little early christmas gift).

 'A Snow Queens Crystal Tear' SET
The photo credits are by her
I gave her the bracelet as a present, because she only ordered the necklace, ring & bow. 
She made this speciallized order for the coord she was wearing that day, that's why I gave her the bracelet before christmas.
 Sadly I haven't taken any photos of the food, christmas market or the other girls except of her. The city was so full with people! What happened? It's a simple sunday! But everything were full with people and I didn't had any calm minute to take my EOS off my bag and took pretty christmas photos... anyway.
We took some photos before the official meet started.

I was wearing my lovely Dream Sky♥

Outfit Roundown:
Dress: Angelic Pretty - Dream Sky
Main Headbow (navy): Angelic Pretty - Fluffy Sugar Barette
Mint casquarde bow: 6%Dokidoki
Blue Glitter Star Clip: 6%Dokidoki
Wig: My Costumes
Wrist Cuffs: Angelic Pretty - Logo Heart Charm
Tights: Falke
Blouse: Bodyline (customized by me)
Beangle: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Necklace: MeltyWish
Silver Star Clip: MeltyWish
Any other jewelry: MeltyWish & Chocomint
Boots: Bodyline (customized)

It's sad that we haven't took a photo together, because we had matching color coords that day ;___;
We have taken the photos in front of Chopard's shop window ^__^

Outfit Roundown:
Headbow: Btssb
JSK: Btssb
Wig: Lockshop
Cardigan: Primark
Fluffy jacket: Primark
Thight: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline
Mini Umbrella: Children's store
Hair flowers: Accessorize
Bow Clip: MeltyWish
And other jewelry: MeltyWish, Accessorize & Offbrand

The fabric and the print is so perfect that I want to cry. It's like a sky, able to worn.

My makeup wasn't that dark ;;___;;
I made it with an pretty aqua blue and violet, but the camera took it like this, I'm so sorry.

✩My personal favourite photo at last✩

After we have taken these photos we went to the point we wanted to meet the others. We were super punctual, but our friends we are waiting for didn't.
And the other lolitas walked away after about 2 minutes! No waiting for other girls! And in the end, I think I knew the reason: There wheren't enough space for all of us in the café we booked the table for us. It was pretty small and not all of us had enough space at it. And in the end, it was good that we've waited for around 15min. because the others doesn't know where the lolitas walked to.
And all we have done was walking and talking before we went to the café! Nothing special! And for this reason this bitch-attitude? Please girls don't do that again, if you're planning a meet!
After we had made a secret santa 'game', we got the food and/or drinks we've ordered. The café itself and the waitress were super good. But the place and feeling wasn't that good, so Moony, Judith & Soli left to an other, better place were we can talk. And that was so much fun! It was such a lovely evening because of my (new) friends! Thank you so much. I felt so wonderful the whole night until now♥
Let me heart you♥♥♥

btw. I got a new gothic lolita brooch by the secret santa game. I haven't took a photo, but I will edit a photo tomorrow, okay? ^__~


 Isn't this a beautiful new bow? It's made of very thick fabric, and the cameo is really elegant. I think I can even wear them with some other black 'usual' outfits ^___^

My present I gave for secret santa was a 'Marshmallow Bubble' bracelet by MeltyWish. They cost a way more as the price limit we made, but anyway, I wanted to give something good. And everybody is loving my marshmallow bracelets^__^

I took the pink x yellow x white one

btw.: MeltyWish has a special christmas discount where you can get 10% on your complete order! You only have to share the photo with the contribution and you will get the 10% off automatically ^__~
See you soon♥


  1. Ihr beide seht sooooo süß aus~
    richtig schöne Winter Coords ^_______~

    1. Vielen Dank Bebi♥ Wir haben uns auch beide total wohl damit gefühlt ^____^

  2. aaaww so niedliche bilder ^^

    Did you already noticed my giveaway?

    1. Vielen Dank♥
      Ich hoffe ich kann auch am Stichtag noch teilnehmen? Dann schreib ich dir schnell ein Kommentar zum Giveaway.