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Sonntag, 24. November 2013

~•♤ MeltyWish @ the Yukon 【Freaky Pumpkin Edition】♤•~

Hello everyone♥
It's about a week after I traveled to my friend Mabu on friday the 15th Nov. I was surprised that all was working so well on this little journey. All was fine and the first time for me to take the IC trains, the second fast ones here in Germany.
I was traveling with my two trunks as always (for conventions). One for my clothers etc. and one for my booth.
Little Liz was seriously looking a little overwhelmed with my two fully packed babies, because so many people asked to help me with them. Thanks to everyone!♡
Oh, and btw. I think it's the most comfy way to take the IC trains! They are pretty good and well made, and the service is always there and answear questions etc. and they are very punctual = super good!

My traveling outfit:

Rose Headband: MeltyWish
Jacket: Deorart
Top: Banana Fish
Skirt: customised MONKI
Leggins: New Yorker
Crew Socks: Bodyline
Creepers: Demonia
Jewelry: MeltyWish

I have redyed my purple bangs that morning, because they turned into this strange greyish-blonde after around 5 weeks D:

First stop was: Cologne~ There is Mabu's place♥
She picked me up at the train station and our lolita weekend started *hihi* Sadly, I forgot two important things (make up remover whipes & fake lashes), but she need to buy some food for us and so we go together and I could buy some new make up remover wipes~

Mabu prepared a delicious ramen with beef and I brought some Pepero and Ghibli DVD's for a otaku girl evening~

We watched Pom Poko & My Neighbor Totoro, and she's also loving them ^___^

The lovely Mabu gave me two packages of my favourite snacks♥ The Kinoko mushrooms~ Thank you so much♥♥♥
(I know that there are only the korean ones, but they are tasty anyway)

 Saturday morning I stand up at around 5am because we had to be very early at the convention to build up our booth's. We took us enough time and we had much time for our breakfast and stuff.
Sad that I have forgotten to take my fake lashes with me, so I had to go without ones ;;;___;;; But I think I looked as cute as well.

Full Saturday Coord:

Barette: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: customised Bodyline
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Plushy Pass Case: Angelic Pretty
Double Brooch: Anhelic Pretty
OTK: Angelic Pretty
Cape: Claire's Japan
Jewelry: MeltyWish

I took a coord photo because I haven't took an full outfit photo this day, I have worn my pink tea parties and my shooting star bag with it. And outside my best employee, my pink fur cape♥

A photo in Mabu's kitchen. It was still dark outside, this is the reason for the yellow lamp light~
But here you can see the most of my hair accessories perfectly ^__^
(the wig is by Lockshop)

As I finished my booth, I walked around and checked some others and also talked to ohter shop seller~

My Yukon booth:

And I found a booth what's selling a package with lashes. I bought it even before the convention started.
(sorry for no photo of the lashes)

Some of my new MeltyWish designs~

I met some really cool people, like the cute Yuki from Pixel Arts:

Photo credits are by her♥
Check her cute blog~

And I met the Loopy Lovely (on the left):

Both are so beautiful and friendly♥
Check Loopy's page, she's making cute stuff ^__~

 Just because of the convention theme, there were many scary costumes, and the makeup of this girl was pretty amazing *___*
Sorry for the bad quality.___.

And I met a super pretty girl from the Lucky Chocolate Maid Café♥ Choco Bambi

With Mabu on the train♥

I was so happy to wear my Milky Planet special set for the first time. It's such a dreamy dress *__*
And also, I loved it to make a twin with Mabu♥ Even if she's wearing the replica, she looked really cute in it and it suits her~


My coord:

Headbow: Milky Planet Replica
Blouse: Chinese Shop
Plushy Pass Case: Angelic Pretty
Bow Brooch: Bodyline
OTK: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Bodyline

Today I haven't took or have a proper photo of my coord, that's why I took an extra coord photo ^__^'

I also met some cute people that day♥

HanaCho and her cute friend♥

The beautiful Nadine and her boyfriend♥
They had so wonderful outfits *__*
And she's wearing one of my necklaces she bought the day before~

At last, my cute friend with her booth from Kawaiimono

She's making very beautiful DecoDEN cases and charms♥

Check her shop page~

We took the bus together from the convention to the train station~

On my way back home.

 My gets:

 Candy Zombies Bolt Earrings:

They are really giant and super glittering☆
It's from the booth next to mine~ The shopowner is the cute Katja, who sew super cute and fluffy stuff♥ Please have a look at her fb page and DaWanda shop^__~

 A new print leggins♥

6%Dokidoki Star Clip:

I bought it from Vicy. She was selling some of her Fairy-Kei stuff, because she will stop with it.
Sad for her, good for me *haha* It's very beautiful aqua blue~
Thanks to her, she sold it for only 8,00€ to me.

A new mini note pad~

I bought it sunday morning before the convention starts, because my one, where I written my shop page on it for my customers was empty after saturday! Thank you for so much interest and now over 400 likes ^__^
You made me very happy♥

Arpakasso Stand Mirror

I made a little bit commercial for Tofu Cute, because my old mirror borke at the NiCon and I took this new cutie with me.
The mirror part is on the back.

 My Yukon Card in my plushy pass case♥


I got so many candies for free! From customers, lovely helpers and other sellers. Thank you so much everybody♥



Angelic Pretty - Heart Charm Wristcuffs

I got new AP wristcuffs from egl sales the saturday. My mom took the package with them for me and surorised me on sunday night as I was coming home ^___^
They are so beautiful♥

My weekend was very good at the YuKon and of course with Mabu♥ I really like her, she's a good girl~ And maybe even as more kawaii as me? I think she's doing a good job.

I will write my next entry as soon as I can ^__~

P.S.: I will be at the next AniPara in two weeks with a MeltyWish booth as well and I will make a special christmas discount too! I think 15%♥
So don't miss it and have a look at my shop page^__^