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Samstag, 17. August 2013

~♡My Tofu Cute Order And Review♡~

Hello my dears~
This summer I wanted to order at Tofu Cute for my first time.

It's a really cute looking webshop what is based in the UK in Hampshire with assorted offers like asian sweets, stationary, purses, charms etc.
And the only one around europe what is selling sweets! all other shops I have found are ridiculus overpriced ove have a really expensive shipping. I don't want to pay over 25$ shipping for three little packages of Pocky!!!
But Tofu Cute is really wonderful. The service is as nice as personally. Even the mails you will get after your register and order are super cute♥
They were fast, friendly and well priced, so all what I want and expect from a good shop.
You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr.
I will definitely order with them again~

So here we come to my ordered stuff, I only ordered sweets this time. Next, I will look for an cute alcapa purse and stickers.

My package was well packed. They even put a cute Tofu Cute sticker on it♥

Meltykiss with White Chocolate

I wanted to try out this kind of chocolate a longer time ago. As I think, this is a winter edition... I'm a winter child, so no matter.
Sadly, the Meltykiss chocolate  is a little melted, but I ordered it within the hotest days in summer, so it's okay.
The chocolate is smooth and sweet and really delicious.

Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Cones

The Apollo chocolate is not melted and was extra packed in plastic foil, because of the awesome arom.
The chocolate is like on normal chocolate bars, just only in the Apollo cone form.
They are pretty small but very tasty and looking very lovely. 

Petit Pastel Icecream Chocolates

I was really excited to try these, because I often saw them at Lime Crime's instagram photos.
They are looking truely cute, and taste good. The chocolate 'cone' is made of dark chocolate and the cones are sweet biscuit balls who are coloured in white, yellow, organge, mint & pink pastels.

SakuSaku Panda Strawberry Biscuits

 I was really happy getting these sweets, but sadly they are completely melted together ;___;
Anyway it tastes good. And the biscuit is still super crunchy.

Chocoboy Mushroom Biscuits 

I have searched for real Kinoko No Yama but I wasn't able to find some in other shops for a good price.
But I know Chocoboy and Orions chocolate mushrooms are pretty okay.

Pepero Alomond
Yes I bought two of these. I love Almond Pepero so much♥
It tastes so good but its so simple.
Tofu Cute is selling it for only 1,24€ So, I think this is my favourite from this order.

Come to the rest of the Pocky's I have ordered. I haven't opened everything right now, I can't eat that much. It's always a pice a day or even a piece a week. I don't eat so much sweets, I will have them for a longer time, so I can't open everything now, sorry >__<
But I'm sure they are all in good condition.

Strawberry Pocky

Always good.

Tsubu Tsubu Blueberry Pocky

I really wanted to try them too, because blueberries are one of my absolute favourite fruits. They aren't taste perfectly fruity but yummy anyway. I like them a lot♥

Double Chocolate Pocky

Really much chocolate~

Milk Pocky

I really love milk pocky. No more words to say.

All together♥

Sooo~That's it. I really like everything, and yes I will say it again, the service is perfectly.
Thanks a lot to the Tofu Cute team♥
And thank you for reading. Have a sweet weekend.


  1. Wow... sieht alles so verdammt lecker aus *__*

    1. ^___^ Ist es auch. Warum sonst sollte man sich extra süßigkeiten aus einem anderen Land zuschicken lassen XD
      Apollo und Pepero ist am besten♥