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Freitag, 22. März 2013

☆MeltyWish at the LBM13☆

Hi everyone♥
I know, I know, there is a long time ago where I have posted something. Stress was happened and I had to work really hard for my MeltyWish indie, and the academy of course.
Now I have holidays for 1 1/2 week and the main of my work is done. Because I have worked for one selling day on one of the most popular convention/event of the year, the LBM (Leipziger Buchmesse), a giant bookfair here in Germany. There is nearly a half hall for comics, manga and japanese lifestyle stuff.
There I had a MeltyWish booth for the sunday, a pity that I only got a table for one day... but well, it was good to walk through a convention as a visitor. So I was even able to join a Lolita meet up at it♥
I have seen so pretty coords and meet some cute girls from last year again... and well. I see some of my top dresses in reality. It was so awesome!
We made a lot of photos... or better we got photographed so damn often~

To start right, at Friday evening my dear friend MoonDrops come to my house to make a sleep over to get ready together on saturday morning. We have worked until around 1.40am in the night until all was packed well for the travel to Leipzig. At the saturday morning, we both made a successfully Sweet Lolita transformation.

So that it means let's go♥

We had three full packed trunks to carry, good that my daddy is a good guy♥
My saturday's coord:
Wig: Ebay
Headbow: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Other Head Accessories: Chocomint, MeltyWish
Fluffy Cape: Claire's Japan
Wrist Cuffs: Angelic Pretty
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Secret Shop
Jewelry: MeltyWish, Angelic Pretty

At the fair, there where many plushies, manga, and anime goods♥
And I can't say how much I wanted one of the 50cm arpakasso. But now I'm proud that I saved the money... because clothes are so much more important. 
Someday I will get my arpakasso, I'm pretty sure.

The Lolita meet up~ We also got photographed by the german anime magazine 'AnimaniA', but I don't know where I can find the photos.^___^'
This is the photo with the most lolita's on.. there where so many camera's that I wasn't able to look in mine *haha*

So, this is my little collection of Lolita photos I can show to you. There are some taken by the sweet Torai and some from _Chiisai_ ♥ Thankies that I can use them~

In the end of the fair, we was able to take a more exact look in the 'comic' hall. We have tried to survive there around the noon, but it was impossible. There where so many people... it was exhausting, really warm and thick air and you can't even move your body for minutes.
There we found Fahr Sindram, the most popular Loki cosplayer and illustrator. I gave her one of my MeltyWish princess cupcake necklaces. Beacause I know that she's totally addicted to Lolita and kawaii stuff. She was so damn happy with it that she have worn it for the rest of the day♥

At the end, we had some fries and a frozen yoghourt. That was sooo good, because we haven't ate anything after the breakfast~
Aaaaaaaaaand I have decided to buy a new wig, a wig I was looking for soooo long, and it was cheaper as online and... well the quality is brilliant♥ I couldn't resist to try it on in the hotel room~

The hotel service wasn't really good... we were very dissatisfied with it, but the beds and all other things were pretty okay.
All the accessories I needed only for saturday:

After the night, we have made us ready for the 'selling day' on the MeltyWish booth.
The coord for the next day was spring-themed.

Outfit Roundown:
Headbows: Chocomint & 6% Dokidoki
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Wrist Cuffs: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Jewelry: MeltyWish
Tights: Offbrand
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

Off and work♥ 4 life~
I'm so sorry for these bad quality photos, but I haven't carried my Canon with me on the second day ;____;

 This is how I look at work~

Please visit our Facebook Online Shop next time, we'll upload a lot ^___~
The photos are taken by the wonderful, super pretty Torai, look at her super beautiful coord, and she's wearing much MeltyWish jewelry of course♥

At least, we have meet so many wonderful people and... well I can't resist to take a photo of the most awesome Professor Dumbledore cosplayer I ever seen *^*

So this is it, as the convention was over, we have packed, said good bye to all the cuties and we was driving away.
Bye, bye my dears♥