Stern Curser (Pink)

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

~*♡LUSH FUN Review♡*~

Hey dears,
today I want to introduce the FUN washing knead from my beloved care/cosmetic brand LUSH
The employee's from LUSH Hannover gave me a piece from every colour you can get: yellow, green, blue, pink and red.
I have tested every colour, because I wanted to know how intensive they are.
The consistence is strong and soft in one. If you mix it with water it's getting creamy and the sweet-fruity smell is also a way stronger.
So, here are the colours:
My favourite colours:

Pink & Blue
To be honest, I love every colour, but these two kawaii colours have my heart. But to introduce it right, I tell you a little about every colour^__~
I'll start with yellow:

Yellow smells very fresh after vanilla and a bit like lemons.

The grean knead have my favourite smell. It's sweet and sour like limes and lemons.
The colours are more intensive, but the light is broken trough the water, I'm sorry. But I also like these milky colours my camera have taken.

 Blue have a cooling smell, after camilla and a bit peppermint.

 Red is the most fruity smelling knead from all five. Like fruit juice or marmalade.♥

 The water was a little pink, yes, but not soooo soft as on this photo. More like a strawberry~

This smell is super sweet, like cotton candy or classic bubble gum. I LOVE IT♥

The water is looking like a lolita/fairy/princess bath. It's just wonderful, the only thing I miss could be glitter *yayay*

You can even easyly mix the colours in the water to create new ones... or a rainbow bath. *haha* I have mixed a cute pastel lavender ♥

As you maybe see, these thingies are different. But even if they look and smell different, you can use every colour the same way. You can wash your hair and body with it, or use it for a shower AND bathing. All is working well.♥ I'll buy pink and blue again next time.. or red. *haha*
But it doesn't named with FUN, if I couln't try out to have some fun with these good smelling cuties ~
.... and I LOVE LUSH♥

 Thank you for reading. I hope you all had a nice weekend~


  1. the colors from the washing knead is sooooo beautiful~ and I like the pictures ;D

  2. First I thought you could eat this XDXDXD
    I was relieved when I found out, that it is soap ^_^'
    I love the pink one! I can't resist bubble gum :D

    1. *haha* The pink one is really great, the smell is just wonderful, not that chemical bubblegum, the oldschool one♥ And it's one of the softest.You would have fun with it ^__^

  3. Hey cutie ^^
    I've nominated you for a blog award, check out my latest
    post and you'll see what is xxx<3