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Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

~*☆Christmas All Around: The Christmas Spell 2012☆*~

Last week, I was able to go to the 'Christmas Spell' (Weihnachts Zauber) in Bückeburg.
This is really my favourite christmas event of the year. Because it's all so beautiful and well.. noble. This event is made from the Schaumburger aristocracy, even too in their own castle and all.
But okay, I'm honest, I've forgotten my camera, so I can only show you photos, I've took with my iPhone... but well, I think I can show them to you too. ^__^°

Let's start with the castle:
This is done at the evening, I know I should better start with the morning, but I just want to show you the beauty. I'm sorry XD 

Let's go indoor:

I'm so sorry that I'm not able to photograph the complete painting. It's unbelievable!!!

Now some decoration, I have taken not so many photos... but enough, there is so much more. But I'll give you only a small look over all.  Next year, I'll be there again, and I'll taking photos from other things and booths.^__~

So, now I'm looking here, in the 'Cesar's Mirror' and wishing you nice and cute and super lovely christmas days, I'll also write posts about the christmas markets in my beloved Hanover too ^__~ 
Even a special Entry only for our Firecracker Spencer from the G.O.P♥

Thank you for reading and everything~

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  1. That castle is really like from a winter fairytale. Love it and would like to explore it myself. ♥