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Samstag, 17. November 2012

♡ Lolita Blog Carnival: Wardrobe Challenge ♡

Ladies, now this is a topic, I totally agree with ^__^

To explain the challenge:
'Take one staple wardrobe item, like a skirt, JSK, or OP, and make 5 different coordinates with it. May also be great to talk about budget.'

So I'll choose this skirt from Bodyline as the head:

It's a 'Merry Go Round' or something. It's my favourite print from BL and I really like the length. I'm 1,70m tall, that's much for Lolita. 

♡ Coord 1:
Bow: Claire's 5,95€
Cardigan: Mango (from SALE) 12€
T-Shirt: New Yorker 9,95€
Bow pin: Chocomint 6€
Socks: Bodyline 10€
Shoes: Bodyline (bought second hand) 15€
skirt: Bodyline 21€
Bag: Accessorize (from SALE) 15€

This is the cheapest coord. Very simple and casual. 

I have also taken some detail photos. Here you can slightly see, that the icecream top is glittering ^__^

♡ Coord 2: 
Valetta: Angelic Pretty / Dreamy Horoscope 28€
Blouse: Offbrand from China 16€
skirt: Bodyline 21€
Necklace: MeltyWish 17,90€
Socks: Bodyline 5€
Shoes: Bodyline 42€
Bag: Metamorphose temps de fillé (bought second hand) 35€

A coord with some pieces of my wardrobe, who I'm wearing very often.

This is a super cheap blouse, but it's very comfy and I think it's the most worn Lolita blouse I have in my wardrobe. ^__^
This is thise Dreamy Horoscope Valetta. I wear it a waaay too much atm.

Never worn this socks in black, only in blue with my pastel JSK... but I think I should wear them too next time. They're so pretty♥

♡ Coord 3:
Headbow: Bodyline 5€ (have customized it)
Blouse: Bodyline 31€
skirt: 21€
Necklace: MeltyWish 22,90€
Socks: Secret Shop 6€
Boots: Bodyline 47€ 
Bag: Bodyline 5€

This is one of our popular icecream necklaces~ 

Yes I have the bag in pastel lavender, because I've bought the JSK first in this colour ^__^

♡ Coord  4:
Bow: offbrand from China 5€
Blouse: Bodyline 21€
Necklace: MeltyWish 19,95€
skirt: 21€
Socks: Angelic Pretty / Candy Border OTK 19€ (bought second hand)
Shoes: Secret Shop RHS 25€ (bought second Hand)
Bag: Bodyline 5€

Long long time I've waited to get these Candy Border OTK in this colour for a fair price. Now I've even got the first release ones in a brilliant condition like worn once. 

♡ Coord  5:
Bow: Milky Planet Replica 8€
Blouse: Angelic Pretty / Dreamy Horoscope 130€
skirt: 21€
Socks: Angelic Pretty / Twinkle Star OTK 25€
Shoes: Angelic Pretty / Sweet Cream Shoes 45€ (bought second hand)
Bag: Twinkle Star Replica 45€

With my dream-blouse, my dream-socks and my favourite Lolita bag♥

Okay, now, these are my 5 Bittersweet coords for you. I really LOVE every single one. ^__^

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Bye~ Thank you for reading♥


  1. ♥♥♥ I love the first and the fifth coord ♥♥♥
    but all the other coords are very cute and beautiful too ~

    1. *haha* Thank you♥ I have enjoyed to make all five. So glad that you like some of them♥

  2. i love the fifth coordinate most! the cute star buttons stand out so well, and the bag matches the entire theme too~ very lovely~~

    1. Thank you♥ Same for me, the fifth is like my crown-coord *haha* With the most favourite bittersweet things.
      Thank you so much for reading♥

  3. I like very much outfit 4 and 5!!

    Unfortunately I couldn't partecipate because I was sick (and it seems it's not over yet ==) :(

    1. Thank you very much. I've tried to make coords for every taste.♥
      A pity, poor you ;___; I'm getting sick after it, have cold now >__<' But I think it's fast over. ^__^

  4. I love the fifth outfit !
    also your blog is so lovely how have I just found it ~

    1. Thank you very much. ♥ I'm always put love and passion in it and only want to make me and my readers happy♥ And I'm now happy that you have added me♥ Thank you♥

    2. no problem :p I looked on the bodyline website and the skirt is sold out in black ;__; im going to go and cry.. haha
      have a great day ! ~

    3. ;____; That's a pity for you. But this design is wonderful in every colourway, I swear. I have the lavender JSK and know the sax, pink and yellow one too. And don't give up, you can maybe find it second hand at EGL sales or something ^__~
      Thank you. I hope your day is great too♥

  5. Ohhhh ich liebe Coord 2, 3 und 5 *____* Das macht mir so sehr Lust am Sonntag bei einem Treffen Sweet zu tragen! Leider hab ich ja nur ne kleine Garderobe und die ja auch nur zur hälfte hier in Finnland :( Muss mir irgendwie was einfallen lassen...

    Der Rock ist wirklich hübsch! Je länger ich ihn sehe desto besser gefällt mir der Print, denn auf den ersten Blick mochte ich ihn nicht so sehr. Ich hab irgendwie eine schwierige Beziehung zu Prints :'D Hab nen Rock mit Print von BL den ich zunächst total mochte, mittlerweile aber irgendwie nicht mehr XD Ich sollte bei einfärbigen Sachen bleiben glaub ich....

    1. Vielen Dank, es hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht sie zusammen zu stellen, zumal ich das sonst nicht wirklich mache XD
      Hab mich sehr gewundert, das es mir so leicht fiel, denn ich hatte nicht erwartet das es meine Wardrobe tatsächlich hergibt so viel zu variiren. Aber anscheinend habe ich einen 'fleißenden' Stil, was Lolita angeht .____.
      Ich lass mich überraschen was du trägst, ich möchte es wirklich gern sehen♥ Es ist wie gesagt mein BL favorit.. zumindest bisher. Ich mag Printlose Kleider auch sehr gern, hab aber nur zwei~ Als alternative, liebe, liebe LIEBE ich bestickte Kleider. Vielleicht wäre das ja auch was für dich♥
      Danke für den Kommi♥

  6. I'm 175cm tall (5'9" or so), it's great to see other tall lolis! I'm just finally getting into dressing and not just admiring lolita, so i'm glad to see that bodyline does have some tall-appropriate skirts, that's been my main concern.

  7. haha and after reading through I have more to comment. I love how you made the skirt and co ord look so different each time, looking lighter and darker but still sweet! You have definitely made me want to purchase that skirt and lavender blouse. <3