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Freitag, 9. November 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Day in the Lolita Life Photo Diary

So, this is my Photo Diary for one day in a Lolita life~
I wasn't sure if I could make a post about this topic Because the academy have started and I'm pretty busy.
But this is a kind of photo diary I really want to make:
About a day where I'm selling my jewelry at a convention. And I have totally forgot to write about the last one from the first October weekend.
I've joined the NiCon the third time with a little cute booth with our MeltyWish jewelry.

Okay, so let's start with the photodiary:

I've made some pancakes for us~

Ready and on the way to the Convention.
As you can maybe see, I'm a little tired. And I haven't my trunks with me. I was there for three days, so all my stuff was already there. This is sunday, the most easy day. I hadn't time to took photos on the others... SORRY ;__;

Our booth♥

This photo isn't very good. But the light was terrible indoor. Sorry dears.

Some of our MeltyWish jewelry♥

Selling some stuff to cuties♥
These rings are all sold to the cute Julia, one of my friends and best customers ever ^__^

Meeting cute customers♥

This is the cute Chiisai. An wonderful regular customer which I really trust♥

Having some fun with awesome Cosplayers♥

A break with the other darling from MeltyWish♥

And no... we hadn't a break for food. That was too much XD But we had time to talk with other booth neighbors for some minutes.

A sushi in the end of the day
This was wonderful. All was over, we have met super people and even got some sushi rolls for free.
And I we was really hungry after this convention.

So, this was my entry about this sweet topic~

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Thanks for reading♥


  1. I hope the day was fine!

    ^_^ You look very cute, and even your booth it's indeed lovely!!!

    1. Thank you very much♥ This was a super wonderful and exhausting weekend. Sellers have to stand up very early and need always concentration. But just the reason to meet such cute people is the best on it♥