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Samstag, 17. November 2012

♡ Lolita Blog Carnival: Wardrobe Challenge ♡

Ladies, now this is a topic, I totally agree with ^__^

To explain the challenge:
'Take one staple wardrobe item, like a skirt, JSK, or OP, and make 5 different coordinates with it. May also be great to talk about budget.'

So I'll choose this skirt from Bodyline as the head:

It's a 'Merry Go Round' or something. It's my favourite print from BL and I really like the length. I'm 1,70m tall, that's much for Lolita. 

♡ Coord 1:
Bow: Claire's 5,95€
Cardigan: Mango (from SALE) 12€
T-Shirt: New Yorker 9,95€
Bow pin: Chocomint 6€
Socks: Bodyline 10€
Shoes: Bodyline (bought second hand) 15€
skirt: Bodyline 21€
Bag: Accessorize (from SALE) 15€

This is the cheapest coord. Very simple and casual. 

I have also taken some detail photos. Here you can slightly see, that the icecream top is glittering ^__^

♡ Coord 2: 
Valetta: Angelic Pretty / Dreamy Horoscope 28€
Blouse: Offbrand from China 16€
skirt: Bodyline 21€
Necklace: MeltyWish 17,90€
Socks: Bodyline 5€
Shoes: Bodyline 42€
Bag: Metamorphose temps de fillé (bought second hand) 35€

A coord with some pieces of my wardrobe, who I'm wearing very often.

This is a super cheap blouse, but it's very comfy and I think it's the most worn Lolita blouse I have in my wardrobe. ^__^
This is thise Dreamy Horoscope Valetta. I wear it a waaay too much atm.

Never worn this socks in black, only in blue with my pastel JSK... but I think I should wear them too next time. They're so pretty♥

♡ Coord 3:
Headbow: Bodyline 5€ (have customized it)
Blouse: Bodyline 31€
skirt: 21€
Necklace: MeltyWish 22,90€
Socks: Secret Shop 6€
Boots: Bodyline 47€ 
Bag: Bodyline 5€

This is one of our popular icecream necklaces~ 

Yes I have the bag in pastel lavender, because I've bought the JSK first in this colour ^__^

♡ Coord  4:
Bow: offbrand from China 5€
Blouse: Bodyline 21€
Necklace: MeltyWish 19,95€
skirt: 21€
Socks: Angelic Pretty / Candy Border OTK 19€ (bought second hand)
Shoes: Secret Shop RHS 25€ (bought second Hand)
Bag: Bodyline 5€

Long long time I've waited to get these Candy Border OTK in this colour for a fair price. Now I've even got the first release ones in a brilliant condition like worn once. 

♡ Coord  5:
Bow: Milky Planet Replica 8€
Blouse: Angelic Pretty / Dreamy Horoscope 130€
skirt: 21€
Socks: Angelic Pretty / Twinkle Star OTK 25€
Shoes: Angelic Pretty / Sweet Cream Shoes 45€ (bought second hand)
Bag: Twinkle Star Replica 45€

With my dream-blouse, my dream-socks and my favourite Lolita bag♥

Okay, now, these are my 5 Bittersweet coords for you. I really LOVE every single one. ^__^

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Bye~ Thank you for reading♥

Dienstag, 13. November 2012

~*☆Shooping Entry - What I Want In This Season☆*~

Hey my dear cuties~
It's a while ago, that I was going to twon and shop a little in my new love, Gina Tricot♥ Okay, it's not THE best shop, but I really like the fabrics and simple designs are also very great.
Okay, let's start.
This was the first that I've wanted. A fuzzy, fluffy, supersoft pastel pullover. I wasn't sure wich colour I should choose. But in the end, it's mint. I LOVE mint and I really need more from this colour.
This fuzzy cardigan is not so supersoft like the mint pullover, but it was love at the first sight. REALLY♥
It's super long and giant pockets. I wear this super often at home and it's just cozy and sparkling. I'm just feeling like a little fuzzy glittermonster *haha*
An kind of chiffon fabric tunic in oversize. Really oversize. As you can see, it's see through, you have to wear a top under it. But it's soooo lovely.♥ And the price was just 12€, it was reduced.
One I really want to have. A bat cut top made of chiffon and decorated with little spikes. I wear it in this season with an cardigan to keep me warm and cozy. ^__~
Also a darling I've found at the Gina Tricot SALE. For around 10€. It's not that long as it seems. It's pretty and elegant.
These are my clothing gets from GT. I also bought some accessories:

 Yes I'm addicted to accessories. And to stars and crosses :D All is mostly from their 75% sale. The pearly crossring was only 1€ ♥

A pearly star♥ Perfect, cute and elegant.

And I bought some things I need. That included panties and socks *haha* Also girly and cozy.

The tights I've bought~ Yes I know, it's a little late for flower prints, but hey, this is a super lovely one with pastel colours I really like and a little more thick as normal ones. The lurex tights is also bought at GT♥

And I was of course I was in our local Accessorize store to get some of the Halloween stuff after it for half price.

Got this pink skeleton set for around 3€. They're glowing in the dark~

The tulle lace gloves are just perfect for Lolita.

The 'Starry Night' socks from Accessorize are very great, but 8,90€ are a way too much... but I couldn't resist. The stars are glittering and I never had a more soft pair of socks. The scarf is also a thing that I have wanted for a long time.
I have always kept an eye on it as I was in the store.

Okay, I know, this time was a little hipster like. But hey, some things from this fashion are very wonderful. And I've need some simple things for more combinations. And I'm still crazy with all these fluffy fuzzy stuff. I can't help myself.
But don't worry, I'm still a Lolita and a streetfashion addict. I even would wear these with streetfashion XP
Anyway, thank you for reading♥

Freitag, 9. November 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Day in the Lolita Life Photo Diary

So, this is my Photo Diary for one day in a Lolita life~
I wasn't sure if I could make a post about this topic Because the academy have started and I'm pretty busy.
But this is a kind of photo diary I really want to make:
About a day where I'm selling my jewelry at a convention. And I have totally forgot to write about the last one from the first October weekend.
I've joined the NiCon the third time with a little cute booth with our MeltyWish jewelry.

Okay, so let's start with the photodiary:

I've made some pancakes for us~

Ready and on the way to the Convention.
As you can maybe see, I'm a little tired. And I haven't my trunks with me. I was there for three days, so all my stuff was already there. This is sunday, the most easy day. I hadn't time to took photos on the others... SORRY ;__;

Our booth♥

This photo isn't very good. But the light was terrible indoor. Sorry dears.

Some of our MeltyWish jewelry♥

Selling some stuff to cuties♥
These rings are all sold to the cute Julia, one of my friends and best customers ever ^__^

Meeting cute customers♥

This is the cute Chiisai. An wonderful regular customer which I really trust♥

Having some fun with awesome Cosplayers♥

A break with the other darling from MeltyWish♥

And no... we hadn't a break for food. That was too much XD But we had time to talk with other booth neighbors for some minutes.

A sushi in the end of the day
This was wonderful. All was over, we have met super people and even got some sushi rolls for free.
And I we was really hungry after this convention.

So, this was my entry about this sweet topic~

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Thanks for reading♥