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Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

♡ VANCL ~ Service And Stuff Review ♡

I've shopped with VANCL the first time. I wasn't sure if all will going the right way, but this shop had one thing I want since ages ago: A lavender cardigan with cute bows 
This one wasn't really expensive. Around 20$ and I've paid only around 5$ for shipping internationally. I don't know if they have this cutie is still available in their shop. Just search after it. It's easy ^_~
After making my order they've need only 2 days. Than my package was picked up by a courier. 
I've waited for this two weeks long. I think this is pretty okay. 
Than it's arrived today in my mail. So this is a five star ranking, because I've choose the longer shipping way:

The packing:

It was packed in a simple plastic envelope, that's not the best methode I think, but it's okay. There wasn't any wholes in it or something like that. So I'll give this 4 of the five stars: 

Packed out:

This cardigan comes with an simple, grey VANCL tote to me. ^__^ a sign of service 

Let's come to the product itself:

It's made of 100% cotton and it's very soft and strong material. VERY GOOD♥ There are no error in the manufacturing or something like that. So this will get five stars:

Let's take a closer look at the deatils: 

-> The bows: 

-> The 'ruffles':

-> The label logo tag: 

-> The mini buttons:                                                                  -> And the price tag: 

I really like every details on this. I'm a totally detail lover, so I really like to show them to you ^__^♥
Only the buttons are a bit to small and could be possibly in an other colour  (maybe white) but that's all. I like this simple, cute and elegant design♥ So it'll get five stars too. Maybe I'll add some lace at the dekoltee top. 

In the end: I'm really satisfied with everything. It's all like I want it. The colourway is looking a way lighter at the online shop, but this is only the result of flashlight.^__^ So I think it's totally awesome for that price and everything. An autumn must have for every single cute girl~ And it's a good piece for gyaru & lolita too, not only for cold days. I'll buy a pink cardigan too next time.
And I'll definetly would shop with VANCL again, good service, good items, good prices. What do we want more?

Thank you very much for reading. The next review will coming soon as possible^__~


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  1. A really good Blog Entry ♥ :3 Will check out the OnlineShop later.