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Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

~♡ Sweet Sweet Autumn Collections - Sugared Cookiebear ♡~

Here is my second autumn collection for the year 2012♥ The:
'Sugared Cookiebear' collection is out in our MeltyWish Onlineshop and I want to introduce these cuties with some more 'Making Of' photos.

As you maybe know, these collection is a little inspired by Angelic Pretty's new design 'Sweet Cream House':

I know, this design is full with gingerbread mans.. but there are cute cookies too. And well. I love to work with this fake powdered sugar. This design was the last point I need to start with my design. I think it turned out very cute & elegant. Matching with many chocolate prints from more than only one Lolita brand~
Here we are. I've made two colourway designs. One in silver and one in brass gold. It's slightly different but I have to say: I love both. I'm a fangirl from both ^____^

Btw.: I'm very interested in, wich of them you like the most: SILVER or BRASS GOLD Please let me know♥

The Necklaces: 

The Bracelets:
The Rings:

The Earrings: 

Who smiles the most? ^______________^
I think cute bears are the best for autumn. I wish I would have a giant yummy looking cuddly bear for me alone at the sofa in the night with a cup of hot cocoa♥

So, and how I promised it, I'll post here some kind of 'Making Of' pictures I've took after the basic modelling:

The super sorted photo ^__^ It's taken after putting on the pearl beads.
 A really near swatch photo for you ^__^So you can see this white powder on top the best.

My super full working desk with all i've need. Do you see: glue, varnish, pearls and chain?

After finishing the necklaces, they've putted in a safe place. 
Maybe this is good to know:
Even I is making mistakes: The hole I've took was too small. This poor cookie has go to the rubbish ;____; 
I made Sweets Deco around three years now.. and I'm not perfect at all ^__^° Making hand made stuff is always bound with some risk. I have to try out many different stuff for modelling and everything else. Something I don't know before. But be sure, before it comes to your hands, I'm testing all out. The end product we're selling is made to wear, not to broke or lost ^__~

P.S.: Don't forget to look here after my 'Creepy Cute' accessories I've made for Halloween. I'll made a introduction about them in the following days, after I've photographed them ~*☆☆☆*~

Greetings & much LOVE♥♥♥


  1. sooooooo sweety your sugared cookiebear collection ~
    you are so talented XD

    1. Thank you so much♥ I love that smiling faces too^___^

  2. aww!! :33 i really love this collection <3
    super cute ^__^ keep going *-* the fake powdered sugar gives your cookies such a nice touch. Could also be taken as snow~ ^^
    and concerning your question:
    I'd choose brass gold! but silver is also adorable <3

  3. Thank you so much♥♥♥ I think so too... maybe I'll use this powder for my wintercoolections~ We'll see *haha*
    Thank you, I'll count your chioce ^__~

  4. Aww your new collection is great ^o^ You're so talented. Keep going on! The fake powdered sugar looks like snow *___* Love it ♥♥

    1. Thank you so much ^////^ I'll trying my best so long I'll live, I swear♥

  5. Wow, cute! Could I ask you something? What material do you use to make these?