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Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

♥ Sweet Sweet Autumn Collections - Pearly Nougat Love ♥

Hi there, a couple of days ago, the NiCon has come to an end and I'm now... SICK -___-'
But okay, that that doesn't stop me to introduce one of my beloved brand new autumn collections:

'Pearly Nougat Love'

After passing the last convention some of these cuties are now sold out. But I can made new ones after a request. ^__~
They're all available in the MeltyWish Onlineshop ♥

I have made three new 'Vintage' like collections for autumn now. One of them is even inspired by Angelic Pretty's new 'Sweet Cream House' collection ^___^

Here is a delicate 'Making Of' photo for you♥ SUPERSECRET ^__~
It was taken after finish the basic modelling.

I've made a whole collection with: Necklace, rings, earrings & 'pearl bracelet' ♥

The Necklace: 

The Rings: 

The Earrings: 

The Pearl Bracelet: 

Please note: Our 'Pearl Bracelets' are very popular, because of their model, the bound is strong & elastic. The pearls have a super comfortable size, so that you can easy work & write with them. I only put them of for washing or something like hard housework. 

This is a very simple like collection for all the chocolate lovers and classic & sweet lolitas
I really like to work with there material who I've used for it. ^__^

And before I forget:

I'll announce that I'll post at least annother two NEW autumn collections, even a Creepy (cute) Halloween one♥♥♥ 


  1. Die Kollektion is wirklich wunderschön! perfekt für Herbst und Winter *-*

    1. Das freut mich♥ Ich hab sie passend zu meiner eigenen Herbststimmung und an Gedanken an die ganzen Schokoliebhaber, die ich so kenne, inklusive Lolitas ^__^

  2. wow~!! well done!
    the new collection looks very good!
    I want to eat them all~ <3 they are looking so perfect! :)

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, they're looking very tasty♥ I'm a big fan of sweets and chocolate, but I don't eat them very often. So I want to create super delicious looking jewelry for every lover of cute chocolate. :3

    sieht zum anbeißen aus *___*
    die ganze Collection passt wunderbar zum Winter ^____~

    1. Dankeschön, ich selbst würde sie tragen, wenn ich braun in meinem Kleiderschrank hätte *__* Sie sind so elegant uns süß♥ Bin auch ganz froh das die Bilder was geworden sind :'D

  4. Aww the collections fit so good to the Winter/Autumn time ♥♥ Well done :3 ^o^