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Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Sea☆Life and Mermaid Fairytales~

In the last official summer holidays week I've visited the Sea☆Life to take the chance to go there cheaper with a special ticket for students. So I've got my ticket for only 6,50€. (the regular price is over 15,00€)

I was there to take a investigation for my completion project, what I've called 'Blue'. From: 'It makes me blue'. I want to tell my readers about the human, who took and does what he want without any permisson or consideration. So I've choose a mermaid as the main character to create a neo-fairytale story.
Other details are my own~ Sorry XP

But here is she, the mermaid from 'Blue':

I've made an artcard from this character who's called: D'Naria. I really like her, and it's fun to make experiments with the blue colours and all. And no, she don't get two tails. I just want to try this out.

The investigation in Sea☆Life is necessary for me to take a little study about the fish body and other basics about the water.
So I've made a lot of photos for references and other.

This is a Stare Fish. Do you see the eyes?

This one is more photogenic as I thought. And I can't take much good photos without taking the flash. And it was forbidden to take photos with a flash, to protect the animals. And I'm  a good girl~

A grey skate. They are still smiling~

There was many anemones. I was surprised to here that they are in danger of extinction! Some of them are really pretty and shines like L.E.D.

There in Sea☆Life is a little rearing tank for special anemones with small fish to live with them.

This is a Jewel Fish with doted flowed~ Very beautiful. This one was shimmering from a deep red to a strong orange.

A coral reef. With yellow Doctor Fish~

As a special for you: I've photographed a sleeping Altantic Nurse Shark! The other sharks were too fast for my flashless camera...

This is a special kind of a Starfish, with 6 feets. I think this one is really pretty, in black with these very long and slim feets. I think I'll draw this one sometime ~

This is a red Lionfish~ I was so happy to take a clear photo from one of them, because both of them were hyperactive. XD and they are so beautiful. A very interesting fish, I think♥

I've also photographed a Seahorse~ I really have to say, that I'm in love with them. There are so small and lovely. And the Seahorse couples are together for their whole life, what a living symbol for me!♥ This one was about 4cm long. So small *haha*

And here is one of my favorite marine habitables: The Jelly Fish! This one was the first. So small... and it looks so poofy, like a petticoat♥

These are 'Medusa' Jelly Fish. There are with the head upside down to the ground. All jelly fish were not easy to photographed, because the light was suboptimal... blacklight and some L.E.D. A mirracle that I've could took some clear photos without a flash!

Oh, I shouldn't forget that I've saw the feeding of the crocodile's ! It was a little scary to see that they've get rats and chicks... but interesting to~

To my other activities there: I've could stroke an anemone! Anemones are supersoft and not slipperyas you maybe think. I was surprised♥ And well... this is my beloved hand-made ammonite doublering XD I was wearing my ammonite collection from my indie label: MeltyWish on this day. I've tought that this would matches well as a topic like water. Water is life!

In the end. I've drunk a ice slushy in the Sea☆Life café after passing it the first time. But I was in it three times. Your ticket has an access for the whole day. I've collected some information about octopuses and have talk to an 'Aquarist'. They was all very nice there. I've taken over 150 photos in about 3 hours. Here are the best/interesting I've made. I hope it's not too much for your computer at all :D
Thank you for reading♥


  1. Aww the photos are very good ♥ I love them. You did a great job :3

    I can't wait for your Completion project, because I like your character D'Naria and the idea :3 ^o^ ♥♥

    Keep on working!

    1. Thank you my dear♥
      I'm working on the skript now. Because I want to make a good story, and these steps before drawing the right manga pages are very useful for me...I think I'll work on it more as I really want or need. I'll do just my very best. I'll inform you if the story is near to the end. ^_~